Album artwork for Bosco Bosco / Bosca Bosca

Bosco Bosco / Bosca Bosca Talaboman

Cat No: TAB03
Barcode: 4250101457401
19,90 €
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  • release
In 2019 we released the Discodrums 12'' on our own newfound The Night Land Records. With its screen-printed cover and limited edition it was a tribute to a format and culture dear to our hearts: Vinyl. Our intention was to keep releasing records in this style, with songs already mixed, mastered and ready to fly. Had we known it would take three years to get the next EPs out we would probably have reconsidered everything. Series of strange incidents, accidents and negligence made us think this project was cursed but the music felt too important to us to let it go. We kept working to get it out and now we finally arrive with two ”new” EPs: Melbourne Bolero and Bosco/Bosca. This is classic Talaboman; Chuggy, hypnotic, dub flavoured Latin-Scando house music, released on vinyl with beautiful screen-printed covers designed by DR.ME in Manchester. Three years too late but a hundred years too soon? Dance is timeless, thanks for listening.

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