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Boys And Diamonds Rainbow Arabia



Release date: August 22, 2011
Cat No: Kompakt 243
Barcode: 880319061110
6,90 €
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Rainbow Arabia have been one Kompakt's most endearing acts to work with us in years. The husband and wife duo Danny and Tiffany Preston started our year out with the genre-defying full length “Boys And Diamonds” which went on to become one our most acclaimed releases of recent time - the Los Angeles Times went so far as to proclaim “Rainbow Arabia are L.A.'s new electro heroes” in a recent feature.

In honor of the exhaustive touring throughout the US and Europe the band continues to trail blaze, we found the need to put out another limited edition 7” for the fans and collectors out there. The title song “Boys And Diamonds” combines the sway of '80's pop with the raw power of cumbia and ethno-dance mayhem. Tiffany's vocals are hauntingly powerful and a testament to the sheer will and work this band has put in over the past year.

Hardmix are a favorite of the band and we here at Kompakt were honored have him tackle the song. What we received is melodic techno bliss - a shapeshifting extravagance that uniquely keeps the essence of the original but with a solid bass kick to keep the dance floor well on momentum.

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