Album artwork for Brain Mechanix

Brain Mechanix Ubx127



Release date: July 16, 2021
Cat No: FIGURE X29
Barcode: 4250101431791
11,20 €
  • 60b4c24f624c6
  • release
His sixth EP on the Figure label catalogue, Brain Mechanix, finds the Stockholm producer UBX127 once again in top form. Enhancing the proven formula, UBX127 combines outer-space atmospherics with heavy slabs of techno that will shake up any soundsystem. Revolving around a dusky vocal, opener Freek sets a hazy mood with chugging rhythms and some massive bass. Bastun then builds its eerie character on steady drums and squelching tones, before a hypnotic synth finally takes over. A perfect example of finely trimmed minimalism, soothing B1 Likstroem carries itself by the presence of its rising and falling dub chords alone. Marking the culmination of the vinyl release, Teleport Into Space combines all of UBX127’ core qualities into a lengthy, albeit deeply rewarding ride throughout the stratosphere.

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