Album artwork for Brian Le Bon/ N.M.I.S.M.D.

Brian Le Bon/ N.M.I.S.M.D. Roman Flügel

Release date: May 10, 2010
Cat No: Playrjc 006
Barcode: 880319463310
Sold Out
Live at Robert Johnson is proud to present a new record by one of its most revered family members: Roman Flügel. A long-term companion of Ramona and already offering records like On The Balcony (Solyent Green, Playhouse 041, 2000) to her praise in a very early stage, Roman dedicates novel sound research findings to her young and boisterous label. And what a bass heavy beauty he created! N.M.I.S.M.D. highlights those qualities of Roman that can be found in his use of the electrical circuitry that is an 808 in combination with some eccentric vocal bits and irresistible grooves that make even strange bodies move. This is B-Boy music from the dark side of Planet Rock. Brian Le Bon leaves such funky analogies behind and aims at the melancholic and epic side of things. This is how the Joy Divison Dance Orchestra would have provided synthesizer dreams of a better tomorrow, had it ever existed. Two sides of one coin and good sounding on pretty much any balcony. We said it before, and we say it again: c'était bon, très bon.

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