Broadwalk Tales Remix Ep

Label: Echocord
Release date: November 3, 2014
Cat No: Echocord 062
Barcode: 880319684913
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Here comes the Broadwalk Tales Remix Ep. After the very succesfull Broadwalk Tales Ep and Album by Fluxion, we now release a remix ep. Joey Anderson did a remix of the track “You Don’t Know” and Rod Modell aka Deepchord did 2 versions of the track “For You”. Its the first time Joey Anderson appears on Echocord, and since we are a very big fan of his music this a big thing for us. The remix is a beautifull driving track full of energy, melodies, and power, perfect for the dancefloor, and a typical Joey Anderson treatment. Rod Modell aka Deepchord did eps and remixes on Echocord before, and we always likes what he do. 2 deep floating, almost underwater kind of heavy tracks, beautifull and raw, at the same time.