Album artwork for Broken Promises Part 2

Broken Promises Part 2 Various Artists

Release date: October 7, 2016
Cat No: Just This 010
Barcode: 880319790614
Just This 010
9,20 €
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Just This 's first Various Artists aims to the research of a mix of sounds by producers from different countries, to a journey into a variegated world. Melancholic vibes, deep ambient atmospheres. The second part of the Various Artists, gets straight to the point, reaching the dancefloor in a more hard and deep insistent way. The First track ‘’Inside world’’ is composed by Hunter/Game, as a playful banger with a solid kick, brushed percussions and surging, subtly atmospheric synth pads that make the track dreamy while fierce. The Second one by Pisetzky comes with a strong, continuous 4/4 bassline and organic percussion from start to end, further on dominated by a hypnotic melody followed by a more romantic and dreamy motif full of longing melancholy and eternity. The third one comes from Just This new Artist Altman, with a breaking mellow downbeat theme, it lets all squeaky sounds mesh nicely like a dream landscape opening up into a widescreen chord progression, with an epic build up.

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