Album artwork for Broken Promises Part 4

Broken Promises Part 4 Various Artists

Release date: December 8, 2017
Cat No: Just This 018
Barcode: 880319889318
Just This 018
9,20 €
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Milan based collective Just This return with two VA releases to continue their ‘Broken Promises’ series. With the aim of documenting the progression of cultural movements, the label have pursued underground material since 2010. Broken Promises Part 3 and Part 4 are due for release on 1st December and 8th December respectively, and each feature four new tracks channelling refined techno with minimalist, ambient sentiments. Hunter/Game open Part 3 with ‘Distance’, a meditative journey through ambient textures using expansive synths and vast acoustics. Next, Architectural brandishes 808 drums for a tense workout on ‘Electric Soul’. On the B-side, label co-owner Pisetzky explores the darker side of minimal on ‘Anterial’, whilst Altman plays with moody bass and ricocheting percussion on ‘Shapes’. Part 4 opens with a shuffling rhythmic framework on Inland’s ‘Aechmea’, followed by ‘Zona’, a pointillist groove by Ben Gibson, aka one half of the collaborative project Dyad. On My Flower’s ‘Kundal’, a cyclical melody wanders through eerie acoustics whilst Hiver navigates a broken beat framework with glitchy distortions and dub echoes on ‘Stellar Parallax Landing’.

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