Album artwork for Broken Promises Part 3

Broken Promises Part 3 Various Artists

Release date: December 1, 2017
Cat No: Just This 017
Barcode: 880319889219
Just This 017
9,20 €
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Just This Broken Promises Various Artists serie aims to the research of a mix of sounds by producers from different countries, to a journey into a variegated world. Melancolic vibes, deep ambient athmospheres.

The Ep is composed by four tracks, starting with an Hunter/Game intro instrumental track “Distance” is a crescendo introducing the club scenario. The second track digging into a vibrant groove from Architectural. His first appearence on the Label.”Electric Soul” is a chimical mix between powerful percussions and a stunning synthesizer sequence.

Running thru a Just This classic Anterial from Pisetzky, clear sound identity from the Milan crew, ending with a melodic flow from town new talent Altman.

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