Album artwork for Broken Rome

Broken Rome The Citizen's Band

Release date: April 30, 2012
Cat No: Playrjc 019
Barcode: 880319568312
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The Citizen's Band’s second instalment for Ramona's favourite label hollows their long lasting love affair. Christian Beisswenger's (CB Funk, one half of Arto Mwambe) is nothing less than dealing with the demise of an empire. “Broken Rome” is a codeine trip through early Nu Groove rave tracks as well as an ode to Junior Vasquez at the helm of the Sound Factory seen and heard through frosted glass. “Densed” on the other hand tips its toes into the current deep house stream with an Arto-Mwambe-like hook and a thumping bass line. The spaces in-between those rudiments are taken up by the idm finger exercise and jewel that is “Into”: Ottoman dancing!

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