Album artwork for Burn Frequency EP (Feat. Bluespirit Dub)

Burn Frequency EP (Feat. Bluespirit Dub) Steve O'Sullivan Vs Paul Simmons



Barcode: 4250101461002
18,90 €
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We're always glad to hear new material from undisputed dub techno don Steve O'Sullivan. This new one on his own Mosiac label finds him facing off with Paul Simmons on a pair of deliciously deep cuts. 'Inner Glow' is given the whole of the A-side to make its mark and it does - with a slightly more soulful sound than you might expect. Rather than pure heads down underwater deepness, it's got a heart warming vocals hook and brighter chord vamps over the signature drum smoothness. 'Stilll Burnin''is a quicker cut with more radiant chords and a soulful spirit, then a Bluespirit dub of the a-side zones things out nicely.

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