Album artwork for Campfire Dialogue

Campfire Dialogue Hess & Fürstenberg

Release date: September 15, 2008
Cat No: Echocord Colour 002
Barcode: 880319317910
Sold Out
Echocord Colour is the new sublabel of Echocord Records. Here comes the second release, produced by Luke Hess & Marko Fürstenberg. Luke Hess best known for his production on FXHE, Kontra-Musik, and Beretta Grey, and Marko Fürstenberg, best known for his works on a.r.t.less, Thinner, and Rotary Cocktail have recently joined forces to explore new territories in dub production and performance. Marko and Luke became acquainted in cyberspace in 2006 and decided to meet when Luke visited Berlin in August 2007. Amidst their shared connection in frequency design, their mutual curiosity for sounds found in nature, and their common regard for the truth over the superficial; it seemed only natural for them to explore moments in time through future dub music together. In 2008, Marko visited Detroit where their concepts took form. After many field recording sessions, experiments in signal analysis, and introspective discussions, the "Campfire Dialogue" session was born. Their release together on Echocord Colour is the first of many journeys into dub with Hess & Fürstenberg.
Moderner Dub-Techno trifft eine ziemlich deftige Bassdrum und empfiehlt sich damit nachhaltig für die Primetime.

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