Caper Tran EP

Release date: April 13, 2018
Cat No: SYST0118-6
Barcode: 880319921711
9,20 €
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Limited to 500 copies
Petar Dundov (Music Man, Cocoon) and Marc Romboy (Innervisions, Systematic) have teamed up in order to release their first common EP. And when you take a listen to both tracks you realize that this was due! Two pieces of tracks which underline the passion of both, music tha moves. „Garden of cyrus“ is a pure hybrid of both´s sound signature. A sequence drives the track and doesn´t leave your brain anymore. „Caper tran“ is a trip into space, you don´t want to Stopp this journey, the planets are all over sudden so close. Watch out for further volumes by end of the year...