Album artwork for CARAXES


Release date: June 17, 2016
Cat No: KTDJ 044
Barcode: 3700398715537
Sold Out
Some things just make sense and we’re pleased present the first collaboration of 2 of our favourite artists : RED AXES & C.A.R. This release has been a long time coming. Tracks were first exchanged back in 2014 and it’s been an organic, intuitive process. Like-minded musically & likeminded lyrically - Red Axes & C.A.R. seem to work the same way. Recordings happen fast. One or two takes. It’s punk and it’s effortless. 1960’s, psychedelic 2040 arrived on queue. A sweaty, London-summer evening, after spending the day writing alone out Hackney Marshes, Chloé demo’d the vox. - languid, nostalgic, at arm’s reach from the city - the track depicted the moment perfectly. A paper thin Victorian wall separating her from the chatting neighbours, she shut her eyes and got as close to the mic as possible. A few weeks Red Axes & C.A.R. were together in Tel Aviv. Ten times sweatier than London. To say the studio was dripping hot is an understatement. There was a party heaving in the square below, a van parked in the middle, broadcasting out on the radio waves. Dori was determined to use the intimate London vocals for 2040 and so they cracked on with Incognito, a club track that isn't one but works in its own way: rockabilly reverbs, an almost hip-house delivery, the strange alchemy of 808 fumes. Already inebriated from the city, Chloé had written her words off-cuff in the hotel room, just hours before. Fastforward a year. Summer 2015. Niv had sent Space Cream a few months earlier - an electronic 4/4 ballad which already featured looped samples of some of the stuff they’d recorded in Israel. Heady and sticky, Chloé had to wait for longer days before she could get anything down. Finally XMan, descends further down into psychedelia… Perfect for the London winter closing in. Heads filled with Cookie Mueller & memories of losing oneself in dark, basement parties - the words rolled off the tongue. Last autumn Red Axes invited C.A.R. down to London’s Pickle Factory to perform Incognito live. During soundcheck she penned some words for a new track they were debuting, which they also ended up doing. It’s an experience synonymous for this collaboration. What comes easy, makes sense. Remixes come courtesy of Tom Furse (from the Horrors) who, as he says himself, offers "cosmic extrapolations". Think of the soundtracks of Michael Mann movies, Vangelis gone to space heaven and back. Lumiere Noire's protégés, Il Est Vilaine offer future electronic disco punk at its best. They stomp and romp (watch out for the hyena!).

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