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Centrifuge One: New Dance Sound Of Moscow

Label: PG TUNE
Release date: February 16, 2018
Cat No: PG TUNE C 001
Barcode: 880319912214
15,50 €
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  • release
coloured vinyl and including a special insert
PG TUNE presents CENTRIFUGE ONE - the first label compilation in a series of thematic installments. In the focus this time are Moscow raised producers and live performers, sharing a fresh vision of the globally evolving dancefloor universe.

NEW DANCE SOUND OF MOSCOW features music by Philipp Gorbachev, Obgon, Interchain, DEKA, Dubrovsky and ushi333. Artwork by Artem Stefanov (STFNV).

key selling points:

- D-scription is Philipp Gorbachev’s first solo work since ‘Unlock The Box’ LP (PG TUNE, 2016) - 2 x 12‘’ coloured vinyl sleeve includes insert with very special pictures of Moscow - CENTRIFUGE started with a Moscow rave party in 2016 - All music was recorded live for dancing in new Moscow clubs (ARMA17, Rabitza), streets and DIY garages - Features artwork by Artem Stefanov, fundamental mural artist, known for his contributions at major music and art festivals (OUTLINE, 4GB, GEM) - DEKA is a new Moscow supergroup and will release an album in 2018 - Very early DJ support from Barnt, Ivan Smagghe, Anastasia Kristensen, Inga Mauer…

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