Chameleon EP

Release date: May 4, 2015
Cat No: FAT 070
Barcode: 880319710513
9,20 €
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Marek Hemmann’s new EP “Chameleon” offers an appetizer to his forthcoming album: two euphoric 10-min- ute house cuts that do what they do whether in the oven that is the underground cellar or on the window sill at home with a view to the prairie. Both give that Hemmann characteristic crispy , dry beat with a pulse and drives the listener almost trance-like ever forward. On top of that, “Chameleon” builds a tender, soft synthie sound structure that again and again brings a wonderful heavenly vibe that in seconds turns into a com- plex form. “Alice” uses a similarly sounding house rhythm and forms a soft almost romantic melody that so quickly takes on a hypnotic-type flavor.