Rodriguez Jr.'s Champion´s Selection

Release date: August 16, 2010
Cat No: Boxerdigi 006
Barcode: 880319482717
The successful "Boxer Champions Selection" series presents a fine selection of Boxer material by Rodriguez Jr. Rodriguez Jr. - acclaimed Dj, producer (Mobilee, Boxer, Systematic) and remixer (Traum, F Com, Initial Cuts) - knows how to choose and spin the right tracks with his instinctive feeling for the music. By listening to his selection you will realize that every single track is not only a dancefloor tool but a track that got a special vibe to discover.
In der erfolgreichen "Boxer Champions Selection" Reihe präsentiert uns RODRIGUEZ JR feinstes Boxer Material. Rodriguez Jr - hochgejubelter DJ, Producer (Mobilee, Boxer, Systematic) und Remixer (Traum, F Com, Initial Cuts) - versteht es wie kein zweiter mit Gespühr und Fingerspitzengefühl die richtigen Tracks auszuwählen, aneinanderzureihen und aufzulegen, die Mann oder Frau benötigt, um einen slicken und atemberaubenden Discobesuch zu bestreiten.

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