Album artwork for Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Various Artists

Release date: January 19, 2015
Cat No: H+P015
Barcode: 880319690914
9,20 €
Having established a reputation for discovering new talent, it's not often that we get to collaborate with other artists and labels. Chapter 2 allows us the opportunity to reach beyond our own circle of emerging artists and work with exclusive material from others who have been getting us very excited recently.

As with Chapter 1, you will find no B-sides here!

Optimo Music's Golden Teacher is the best band to come from Glasgow in years! We've played host to their outstanding live shows on several occasions and continue to be impressed by their ability to weave their influences to form a unique sound of their own.

Usio's debut album last year on the stupendous Studio Barnhus label will remain a classic for many years to come. Made up of beautifully varied and consistent compositions, they have more on the way. We suggest keeping a watchful eye on them.

Linking us not only with the excellent Themes For Great Cities, but also our home from home, Salon des Amateurs in Dusseldorf, is resident Jan Shulte who presents probably our funkiest record yet under his Wolf Müller alias.

We enjoyed a particularly great year in Glasgow when the talented Oklo Gabon also lived there. Now back in his native Gothenburg, we were recently happy to discover that he's been proactive in the studio. Sometimes associated with the Discos Capablanca label, we're sure there will be more on the way under various new guises.

It's no secret that Cómeme are a source of inspiration around these parts. Sano is just one of many great artists who form the label and we're really chuffed to be able to include this demented delight which we first heard back on a Lena Willikens mix a few years ago.

Whilst the artists themselves are incredible, this release pays tribute to the labels they are typically found on and we suggest doing some more research if you like what you hear.

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