Cheveux propres, cheveux gras

Release date: March 4, 2016
Cat No: Holger 9
Barcode: 880319718410
9,20 €
  • BbQf9pBEP5wS
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Carving out their own niche with Doumen Records and its main project Praezisa Rapid 3000 since 2013, Simon12345 & The Lazer twins now join the Holger family with a record that fits the label philosophy quite perfectly. "Cheveux propres, cheveux gras" is yet another record in between everything: It is loud but with sensi- tive moments, stomping and danceable, fuzzy and wild, demanding at times and yet always a pleasure to listen to. An up and down journey off the beaten paths, wilfully ignoring conventional rules and listening habits. In all that it's typical Holger: A radical statement of self-expression, full of character and highly personal.