Album artwork for Le Retour Du Chien

Le Retour Du Chien Niv Ast

Release date: August 12, 2022
Cat No: OMDD 044
Barcode: 4250101447709
Digital Single
OMDD 044
In early 2020 Niv Ast released the monstrous “Beau Chien” on Optimo Music Digital Danceforce, just as the world was shutting down. This year he returns to a re-opened world with “Le Retour du Chien”, a monstrous continuation of the theme, though this time the theme is ACID. Niv’s 303 is set to stun here and then half way through a surprise Discoid bomb goes off. The other two tracks are Acid dance machines whose sole purpose is to make people move, and of course put a smile on their face. BOOM!

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