Album artwork for Chill Espectro

Chill Espectro Various Artists

Release date: November 27, 2020
Cat No: Espectro 11
Barcode: 4250101423468
Digital Album
Espectro 11
Chill Espectro is a compilation featuring ten chilling tracks from Amplio Espectro’s first ten releases. We create for this special edition an homogenous listening experience from neighboring musical universes to travel though the sounds of the Argentinean label. Chill Espectro puts together music produced in the late nineties by Carola Bony (1996), Trineo (1997), and Acum 23 (1998) with new tunes by Rumanians, Green Hills, Naturaleza Muerta, Carisma, Aristidez and Kamila Govorčin all relesead during this strange 2020.

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