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Chimes EP

Release date: April 8, 2013
Cat No: AND 017
Barcode: 880319607813
7,99 €
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  • release
The guys from Audision are back with their next release in coloured vinyl! They produced Chimes 1 for their live-set and it was much appreciated by the crowd. Their new syntie Roland JD 800 sounded crystal clear in their studio, but when they practiced for their live set in Frankurt last year, all of a sudden it played a different sound … This was a magic moment which had to be recorded at once. The typcial Audision device is: “let the machines do the talking”. And that is the also the story of Chimes 2 „Away“ was the beatless track from their last years release Up & Away. So no one else but Gez Varley aka G-Man created a dancefloor monster out of it. Where can we start, when we talk about such a genius like Gez Varley. He was co-founder of the legendary LFO (Warp Records) duo. He wrote music history with his partner Mark Bell. Under his solo project G-Man, he released on labels like Wir, i220, Force Inc or Swim. „Quo Vadis“ is still one of the most important all-time favourite techno tracks. Last but not least a typical rough and deep house mix came out of Christopher Rau´s machines. The Smallville member released on labels like, Pampa, Derive, Aim, Mule… and delivered a great track for this wonderful release. All in all - A must have!

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