Album artwork for Church Time

Church Time Delenz / Zeitstill

Release date: May 31, 2024
Cat No: Playrjc 110
Barcode: 4250101471612
Digital Single
Playrjc 110
You wouldn't guess that Philipp Lenz aka Delenz's first love was Heavy Metal when you hear his new single with Zeitstill entitled »Church Times« - and churchy isn't a word to describe these two tracks either … well … yet we do have to admit that they do contain a certain majesty and grandeur.

Let's start with »Church Times«: We do have indeed some majestic and spacey keyboard chords going on here. They are borne by a solid rhythm section consisting of the ever-present pounding bass drum and a very dominant and easily recognizable bass line. Yet it's the keyboard sound that is responsible for this beautiful atmosphere - may we say it could be time for church? The church of D.A.N.C.E. that is of course.

Track number two, »Chorus In Time«, isn't too far away from the title track in terms of vibe. The duo that runs Turbolenz Records succeeds in creating another atmospheric straight smasher. The same ingredients are at work here and should convince you that you have to reckon with these guys.

Take Mr. Delenz for example who is also one half of the Shayde duo with notable releases on esteemed labels such as BPitch Control, Connaisseur Recordings, Housewax, and Moodmusic. He didn't stop with Heavy Metal of course - it wasn't long after the Techno bug bit the Taunus kid and he spent his weekends in Frankfurt’s notorious U60311 and Bingen’s classic Palazzo, finding inspiration by the likes of Johannes Heil, Sven Väth, Alter Ego, Plaid, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin and Christian Morgenstern. And he didn't stop there either: After studying sound engineering he now works as an award-winning audio engineer in Frankfurt am Main/Germany and continues his musical explorations in his own studio in Offenbach's Zollamt Studio.

Not so much is known about Mr. Zeitstill though - but do we have to know so much about him? We think not: As long as there's this marvelous cooperation with Delenz there is all you need to know - so please get to know them this way.

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