Album artwork for Cielo Profundo

Cielo Profundo Signal Deluxe



Release date: March 7, 2011
Cat No: ADIG12
Barcode: 880319513411
Mexican duo Signal Deluxe drop a fine and twisted EP for the next installment of Adjunct madness! With ADIG12 we have 3 beautifully sculpted original electronic dance music tunes for the masses. The title track "Cielo Profundo" glides nicely through a stream of focused notes and elegant light beams that travel directly to your head and out through your feet. This is one the dance floors will never regret giving birth to. The next original tune is "Malva Silvestre ", a deep late night lurker heavy on the dubby far-off-ness that will ba ba boom your brain for nights to come. The "Lovers Mix" straightens the more broken beats and adds delinquent 4/4 to keep it all together and give the DJ some chocolate vanilla swirl pudding. On remix duties we have our good pal and Adjunct artist Mathias Schaffhäuser giving "Cielo Profundo" a punch in the bass gut and a whole new outlook on life. Not to be missed!

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