Album artwork for Civil Defense ( Ivan Smagghe/ Ron Hardy)

Civil Defense ( Ivan Smagghe/ Ron Hardy) Danny Alias

Release date: July 2, 2021
Cat No: DLM008
Barcode: 4250101432316
13,20 €
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Civil Defense” was—and still is—a tone poem. It was written in 1984 and first performed in various beatnik-esque coffee houses (with a simple beatbox) in and around Chicago. (I went to college on a full poetry scholarship– believe it or not!)", as Danny himself says, and we think it’s right. “Civil Defense” was recorded at Seagrape Studios, Chicago. Produced by the late David Bell; mixed by Brett Wilcots. It is considered to be one of the earliest vinyl releases of House Music. (Earlier House tunes were shared via mix tapes.) and was never repressed as a legitimate 12″. LDdlm is honored to bring you this ” long lost piece of the puzzle” in the retelling of Chicago House Music history. The LDdlm edition of the original recordings documents the enduring legacy of this iconic piece of audio history, including the long lost Ron Hardy edit and a reshape of the edit of Ivan Smagghe for the first time on vinyl.

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