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Classic Cuts Steve O'Sullivan



Barcode: 4250101451348
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The latest from Steve O'Sullivan and Mosaic's archive raiding series sees the first ever airing for an unreleased extended mix of the soft and soul-drenched 'Composure', plus two choice selections on the slip, the sleek sub-bass powered 'She Don't Do Chicks' and a dub mix of the equally streamlined 'Bumper Car'. If the A-side is a luxurious period piece of sorts - it could be related to Underground Resistance's 'Galaxy 2 Galaxy' for instance - then two on the other side could have been made yesterday they're so relevant and playable, coasting along with the kind of subtly jacking framework and dubby basslines that G Man made his own. All lovingly remastered at The Exchnage too.

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