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Cleaning Sounds Is A Filthy Business John Tejada



Release date: September 10, 2012
Cat No: pal-042 CD
Barcode: 827170091627
pal-042 CD
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Is John Tejada the Antichrist of “Minimal Techno”? After Checking the Glorious New Album You may think the 10 new Songs are not about Sound Only. This Chap has a word on the Status on the Global Techno Village of Clickel Clackel Land. “Cleaning Sounds” murmurs “Listen to Me” in every Bit. Track by Track you start to think, Ok maybe the Emperor´s of Royal Minimalness have had us something missing? Their Clothes Maybe…! Made from, Original, Organic and Ultra-precise Techno House Garment from “Back in the Days”. The Music we Grew up With and that Changed our Ways to become strangely Obsessed with Music Industry Lifestyles. The Music that was somehow hard to find lately. The Music that was a Filthy Business to Make! Or Simply: The Kick Ass Music of John Tejada´s New Album! Cleaning Sounds is Not Only Tejada´s Most Mature and Complete Work to date, its also Marks the 10th Anniversary of Palette Recordings, his Label. A Standpoint Description of his Becoming and A Future Classic at once.

John Tejada on “Cleaning Sounds…” :

“This album commemorates the 10 year anniversary of Palette Recordings. It continues some thoughts i had during back for basics (His 2005 Album with Arian Leviste) . I still feel very nostalgic about dance music which could also be listened to at home. Something that i feel happens less these days. The new album is a big combination of these nostalgic ideas while also pushing forward into new ideas. the idea that musical elements and melody are very important. The album follows a theme i can't properly put into words, but it's capturing a feeling of a time when i was very excited about dance music. The album was recorded over the first half of the year in my largely hardware based studio. I feel this hardware production approach lends more to spontaneity in the studio. a studio that in a way has come full cycle in gear and ideas from when i started working together with Arian (Leviste) 15 years ago.

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