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Closing Motif EP El Choop



Release date: March 17, 2023
Cat No: Echocord 091
Barcode: 4250101448225
11,20 €
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El Choop makes a welcome return to Echocord this March with the ‘Closing Motif’ EP, Deadbeat and Luke Hess step in on remix duties.

Harvey Jones, better known to most as El Choop, is a London based producer and DJ most notably known his Dub leaning House and Techno output for the likes of Greyscale, Ornate Music, Ranges, Etui Records and of course Echocord where he returns here following the 2021 ‘Insane Sends’ EP.

Leading the way on this new project is the original mix of ‘Faith’, a six-minute journey through cascading dub stabs, fluttering low-end pulsations, dynamically evolving percussion and intricate nuance throughout. Deadbeat’s ‘In The Chapel Dub’ mix of ‘Faith’ follows next, stripping things back to a swaying, heavily dubbed out feel via heavy sub bass swells, a bouncy rhythmic drive and echoing elements of the original composition. Title-cut ‘Closing Motif’ is up next on the b-side, employing a murky, plucked bass melody which ebbs and flows around hazy atmospherics, rattling hi-hats and muted drums. Luke Hess then steps in on remix duties for ‘Closing Motif’ to round things out, the Detroit native delivers a typically classy interpretation, taking the core of the original and twisting it into an IDM tinged cut via crunchy broken drums and shimmering synth textures.

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