Album artwork for Collabs Vol. One

Collabs Vol. One Various Artists

Cat No: Falkplatz Daten 02
Barcode: 880319503214
Falkplatz Daten 02
The second release on Falkplatz’s digital sub label. This time around the label delivers four tracks that were made in collaboration between label head Oliver Deutschmann and some good friends. Subbroom Association’s 'I Wont Stop' walks on a deep and heavy groove straight into the nirvana of 'spliff- house'. Organic drums and funk samples from ancient vinyls hang around in between the beats. 'Last Track Running', a new sound stream by vidab’s gowentgone, has a hard and dark beat to it, perfectly made for darkrooms and techno cathedrals showing the duo’s love for simple but effective music. A timeless and brave statement. Nearly two years after their well received 'Slowly We Rot' EP, we get some fresh material from Koljah and Deutschmann. 'Music For no Masses' is until now, the most technoish track from the two friends. Hard and fast, without any compromise. Duck and cover! The idea for the fourth track was born on Deutschmann’s last trip to Tel Aviv. As everybody knows, this city is full of talent and passion for electronic music. Asymmetric label head Lonya finished the collaboration idea while smelling the Mediterranean sea and eating the best humus in the middle east. A summer tune straight outta holy land.

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