Album artwork for Comanche

Comanche Freska



Release date: September 6, 2010
Cat No: Traum V129
Barcode: 880319484810
Traum V129
8,20 €
Freska belongs to the new generation of artist not bound to follow one genre. His releases therefore differ enormously. He states in his biography that he was influenced by music from Black Sabbath to Kraftwerk, but this just implies the range of music and is not really to be grasped. Freska´s a-side track “Comanche” starts like a New York House record from the 80ies, with Italy House influences but skips categorisation when the melody drops in. What might then sound like a futuristic Bochum Welt track, turns out to be much to voluptuous and big time... bringing up ancient sounds and colours that would fit to a movie about Rome in 500 BC. If this was not enough, he adds a Spanish snapper to contort the genre mix a bit further. So are we left speechless in the dark? No we can take part in this effortless and genius mix of genres to announce great joy. With the b1-track “Mountain Ash” Freska evokes spiritual closeness to native powers and magic. Witness the enormous drive and slow motions greatness all taking part at the same time... grinding, playing, dancing in circles... celebrating, throwing arms in the air... making the day so special... Freska has his soul between his hands and seems not to know where it belongs to... throwing it from one corner into the other... this is a soundtrack for the dead, for the ones that rise and dance... all bones in fire and hell. “Week Manners” marks not a different genre but is different all together... more light and classic... we like to say it sounds German... ancient German electronic music, but then we never had bongos in Krautrock... So what the heck is going on here? Who needs to eat or drink... this is a panorama of spectral colours and sounds. We see Florian from Kraftwerk on the Autobahn, he has a flat tire and waits to be picked up, but reversed vocals and drive you towards the sky... the vanilla sky... yes there are always colours in the like of Evgeny Bukreev and because this is the case, we have composed a cover without colours, just in black & white, as it is impossible to match this diversity of colours.

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