Confused EP

Release date: July 20, 2018
Cat No: MOCD004
Barcode: 880319955815
Desdener Steven Cock unveils his non house-centric moniker Linearis and graces “made of CONCRETE” with three original dub techno rollers, joined by Bade Records and Stockwerk 13 label founders Brothers Black on remix duties.

“Confused” sets off on a dreamy note, with hazy loops perched atop a clattering bassline. It’s the perfect track for both mood setting and for taking things up a notch.

Reframing the setting to a darker and deeper one, “Half Life” puts into gear alternating string circuits and fleet-footed rhythms that energize and captivate.

Brothers Black rework “Ambi” into a minimalist piece, equipped with the strict essentials to hold up the groove - a whirlwinding melody, tribal percussion and a solid bassline.

As the name suggests, “Ambi” represents ambiental techno at its finest. A magnetic bassline zig-zags underneath glitchy synths, with the energy growing as the percussion and hi hat bleeps build up.

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