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Connected in dub

Release date: August 19, 2016
Cat No: Connected 004
Barcode: 880319754319
7,99 €
  • 57952509076d2
  • release
A1 First up “004Remedy”- Terranova return with a prowling , uncompromising groove, spartan beats , dub bass hypnosis punctuated by Stereo Mc’s vocal chant (Remedy). Recorded in an analogue studio in Berlins Tempelhof (unused)airport ,the groove builds , post war synthesisers hand sequence, smokey echoes and early scientist type effects crack the walls of the building and the smoking chalice is all that remains. A2 Dennis Bovell, legendary veteran dubmaster/producer, joins the affray to remix Stereo Mc’s Turnaround. A mix of modern electronics, and old school live dub mixing through the mixing console—basically a live performance mix, no automation. A rare gem, bubbling , swirling , stopping, rewinding then surging forward through layers of drum repeats and hammond organ reverberations. B1 Next comes a drone heavy chugging groove -004Remedy remix by Aaaron , that glides down a psychedelic Apocalypse Now river of synthetic structures emerging like brass towers from a groove that moves with stealth and tense percussion. B2 Turnaround Brixton Dub is a return to the edit block from Rob.B -old school looping and chopping to create a more hypnotic version.

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