Album artwork for Corcho

Corcho AFFKT

Release date: April 28, 2023
Barcode: 4250101456817
Digital Single
Dust & Blood presents AFFKT’s EP " Corcho "

Dust & Blood welcomes the Spanish maestro AFFKT with an energetic and dynamic EP called " Corcho " that packs a punch. The EP also includes 2 original tracks and a fantastic remix by the guys in charge of our previous release, the French master minds Kimshies

Marc Martinez Nadal, aka AFFKT, consecrated a music career and has been a driving force behind a vivid and empowering sound that is refined by his drive for perfection. He feels in deeply in communion with sounds that range from the most energetic hyper-glossy techno to the most detailed and innovative indie-electronica. Having worked on coining the sound of this alias since 2008, it has been a plethora of sounds, places, persons and cultures that has provided a platform for AFFKT to experiment with his output. He serves huge electronic crossover masterpieces that derive into the many sub-genres of music via key imprints such as Pets recordings, Multinotes, Mobilee, Last Night On Earth, Disco Halal, Needwant, Exploited or Culprit and his very own Sincopat label. He expresses versatility digging deep into his influences of sounds by delivering heart-stopping, engaging techno on the likes of Octopus, Noir Music, Suara...

"Corcho" is a strong incantation of the artist's early influences in electronic music. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, with so much dynamic range that it keeps the listeners on their toes from beginning to end. The track lets us travel to the dancefloor with intense sound design to create a high-energy. Overall, it's an impressive piece of work that shows AFFKT's range and skills. Meanwhile, "Spider Charmer" is a crossover track that blends different styles and influences to create something truly unique. It's a futuristic piece of music that feels both fresh and timeless, and it's sure to leave listeners speechless. The main organic lead bass is hypnotizing, drawing the listeners in and holding their attention throughout the entire track. Let’s rave or die! And last but not least, the duo Kimshies, who is a regular of the Dust & Blood family, closes this chapter with an epic remix of "Corcho", another standout track, an inimitable interpretation of the original that creates a deep and memorable musical experience and takes the listeners on a sonic adventure. This rythmic is a real tribute to electroclash. For sure everybody will rush to get it.

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