Album artwork for Cosmic Temple Chapter 3

Cosmic Temple Chapter 3 Daniele Baldelli

Release date: July 8, 2016
Cat No: MGCT03
Barcode: 8055323520232
Sold Out
Daniele Baldelli producer now has nothing to envy to the Daniele Baldelli DJ. This is demonstrated by the authoritativeness of the first two 12” of six of the series "Cosmic Temple” on Mondo Groove label. What strikes the eye are the covers, with fluorescent colors, which will form a patchwork created by Aldo Drudi (the designer of Valentino Rossi), a large mosaic that interprets garish aesthetics/logo Cosmic. But immediately then the music takes the stage, 3 tracks in "Chapter 1" and 3 tracks in "Chapter 2", able to tell the true mood of the imaginary Baldelli’s sound and take them to a land of wonders.

Chapter 3: "Gandarva" switching from a balearic atmosphere to an interstellar space travel. In "Kosmaro" the voice of Monica Giacomobono describes a sleepless night traveling delirious on the notes of the keyboard played Ricky Burattini (Justofunk) which then, together with the bass of Onorino Tiburzi , transports us in a jazzy-funk walk with the track "Isotropofunk".

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