Album artwork for Coyote Cry

Coyote Cry Sebastien Bouchet

Release date: July 8, 2016
Cat No: YAYHF 02
Barcode: 880319810411
9,20 €
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Some used to think that here's a guy who's just too cute to be underground, but SEBASTIEN BOUCHET proved them all wrong - with releases like the trippy "Fallen Angel" EP (KOMPAKT 210) or his gutsy contribution to Kompakt's Speicher series (KOMPAKT EXTRA 77). He also had a spectacular appearance on YOU AND YOUR HIPPIE FRIENDS' inaugurating release "A Very Nice Combinado Volume Uno" (YAYHF 01) with the tune "Captain Drag" - which went on to be played around the world, from clubs and festivals to Chanel fashion runways. Now, Sebastien returns with COYOTE CRY, his first full-blown EP for the Hippie Dance sister label: eclectic and unique, this five tracker reflects different sides and moods in his work, but always takes the momentum center stage - from the guitar-infused vocal shaker JAMBE DE BOIS to the heavy-duty bass of JATAGARAZI or the melancholic drive of the glistening title cut.
Nach seinem Hit "Captain Drag" kehrt Sebastien Bouchet mit einer ganzen Solo-EP zu You And Your Hippie Friends zurück.

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