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Cristalli Ionici EP

Release date: July 5, 2019
Cat No: Just This 031
Barcode: 4250101406409
8,97 €
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Milan-based imprint Just This present Cristalli Ionici, a four-track EP from Italian duo Abstrakt featuring a Marcel Fengler remix. Abstrakt is a collaborative project from Luca Rambelli and Filippo Scorcucchi concerned with the intense study of spatial timbres - a psychedelic trip represented as a sonic aesthetic. A relatively new endeavour, their debut on Just This offers an expertly crafted voyage into the outer reaches of the imagination. Sonically, the EP files under ambient techno, brandishing swirling textures and tangible effects to create a blissful meditative state. For his remix of the title track, Marcel Fengler places the subtle complexion of the original and places it inside a driving rhythmic pattern of syncopated percussion and unrestrained energy.

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