Album artwork for Crossfade

Crossfade GusGus

Release date: March 31, 2014
Cat No: Kompakt Digital 039
Barcode: 880319092015
Kompakt Digital 039
ˇ¸it's the first vital sign of the upcoming new gusgus full-length - primer single crossfade unites all the beloved traits of iceland's iconic outfit: the flamboyant vocals, the anthemic pop infusions, the driving beats. and as on the highly acclaimed, best-selling precursor album arabian horse (kompakt 231 cd 89), it all comes together in a stunning whirlwind of locomotive bliss that is as loco as it is cover artwork: ˇ¸exhilarating.

ˇ¸this emotional thrill ride par excellence delves deep into its own vibrant, gloomy glamour while rubbing its chords into the open wounds of 21st century dance floors. crossfade brings back the intoxicating rush of diamantine melodies and monomaniac narration the band has become known for, all ghillied up in the kind of deceptively simple pop regalia that only seem straightforward, but hide their shoals in plain sight. "do you remember the day when we started to crossfade?" - well, if you didn't before, you do now.

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