Album artwork for Cruz Dimensional

Cruz Dimensional Andrea Paz

Release date: May 3, 2019
Cat No: DPC010
Barcode: 4250101405457
Digital Single
With a techno sensitivity and ambient music and noise techniques, Andrea Paz unveils her first solo release as a music producer, after an extensive career as DJ on underground parties and clubs in Santiago de Chile, as in different cities of Latin America. "Cruz Dimensional" is a long­awaited work that shows us its deepest, most intense and experimental side. Besides being a regular on the underground dance floors and resident DJ of the acclaimed "Club Sauna" parties and the collaborative "Recreo Festival", Andrea Paz has also participated on international events and festivals such as the first edition of Boiler Room in Chile, Nano Mutek in Argentina, Dekmantel Chile and in DGTL Sao Paulo in the coming days. "Unpredictable sounds that compose a hybrid between the soundtrack of Solaris (Andrei Tarkovsky), the broken frequency of the cueca, a ritual that appeals to the undomesticated side of the human. "Cruz Dimensional" was mixed by Uwe Schmidt, and evokes the method used by SPK in Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers). The clash between the ritual sounds of tribes that resist industrial development finds in Andrea's delivery an urgent call to understand our own annihilation. Today the annihilation is not only represented by the nuclear disasters that hit the 20th century, but diluted between our sensory spaces, each sound of the album evokes this condition in a critical way, and could be played in a museum room or in the darkness of a club, turning it into an elegant and versatile piece of sound art. The tandem between Schmidt and Miranda presents a perfect balance between irrational savagery and precise calculation, and the repetition of the bit not only evokes the condition of the new industries based on big data, but in the strange intertwining of the proposed atmospheres, it builds deep sensory alignment spaces”. Enrique Rivera

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