Cucumagic EP

Release date: June 22, 2015
Cat No: Mk 045
Barcode: 880319709913
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In wonderful Thuringia in Eastern Germany (nearby Gotha) a group of culture-enthusiasts run a 3-day festival every summer off the beaten festival track and far away from PR hustle and bust- le out in the woods. At this CUCUMA festival art and culture is played out in an utopian athmosphere that reminds of a peace- ful island. Artists and audience sense a common party-vibe while being embedded in a scenic nature, that is attended by passion for detail. These individuate the festival to an intimate experience, one can‘t encounter anywhere else. As one half of the Krause Duo, Metaboman is jamming at this pla- ce since forever and established clannishly for Cucuma‘s bookings as a Musician - sometimes with his Krause Duo-chum, at times as DJ Kajak, or with other artist buddies in one of his live-performan- ce acts. All four tracks are based on Metaboman‘s experimental live soundproject; a shadow-dance theater performance he has been presenting at the festival in 2014. In his EP “Cucmagic” there lives the spirit of this prime piece of earth under swaying poplars. A homage to a status of deep sensi- tivity & happiness. When the final heap of sonics is rendered still, the next summer, which one can hardly wait on is already being longed for. If you have already experienced the DNA from Meta- boman‘s brand of sonic gymnastics, then you are already with him. For a long time his music has been aimed at the offloading your rear-end, as opposed to stretched out arms and hands. As well, here is a deeply compelling groove with a jazzy vibe and smoke blasts that sometimes more, sometimes less alternate the sunshi- ne with shimmering.