Album artwork for D & N's EP

D & N's EP Rolando

Release date: May 27, 2013
Cat No: O-Ton 066
Barcode: 880319613913
O-Ton 066
8,50 €
With ”D & N’s” Rolando releases his second 12“ for Ostgut Ton following his impressive label debut, the ”5 to 8 EP” which featured two tracks that also appeared on the Berghain 04 Mix CD. Now he serves up 3 new tracks that solidify his reputation as someone who is still pushing forward not content to rest on his laurels.

The title track ”D & N’s” prooves that the loop-master is still true to his Detroit heritage even though he resides in Scotland now. Pacing kicks and timid hi-hats take care of the hypnotic build-up you might expect from Rolando. Then deep sub bass and planar synths step in and create a firework that relentlessly winds itself deep into the subconscious, regardless of whether the listener is already dancing or just about to.

„We Will“ embodies a mantra-like magic, but bleeping extensions and 4/4 severity create a sweeping unrest. Nervous, penetrating and restless, it’s a stirring techno gem.

„Filthy“ demands attention from the go. While a titanic beat unleashes a severe rhythm, tambourine delays and helicopter synths awaken the semiconsciousness – alarming chirrups inclusive. An elaborate devil of a club track that puts a deep final marker onto this well rounded EP.

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