Album artwork for Damage And Repair

Damage And Repair DeFeKT x Extrawelt



Cat No: cor10015ltd
Barcode: 4251804143967
13,80 €
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After their debut 12" on Feel My Bicep and their contribution "Halluzinelle" to the Dots And Pearls 7 compilation, DeFeKT and Extrawelt are joining forces again.

In the act of remembering the true spirit of no-nonsense, raw, and direct techno, they created these two masterfully executed, original, and timeless cuts.

Each time they get together they come up with something truly unique, blending their styles effortlessly and seamlessly. Their expertise, knowledge, and recognition of our music's history just radiates out of this release. Both tracks immediately captured our souls here at Cocoon headquarters and we couldn't be more excited to put them out right away on this beautiful, limited, hand-stamped 10" vinyl.

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