Album artwork for Dance and Trance

Dance and Trance Bozart



Release date: February 19, 2021
Cat No: AZZ39
Barcode: 4250101424298
Digital Single
A few months ago, we introduced you to a new enigmatic producer: Bozart. His first single Istanbul à Facette received an amazing welcome and we’re thrilled to welcome him back.

We are glad to present to you his first EP on AZZUR entitled "Dance and Trance". This time, Bozart goes darker and clearly shows his various influences. In this release, there is a bit of English and German New Wave, a slice of rock, and of course a heavy pinch of techno. Expertly blended, Bozart creates a fascinating cocktail to savor at home or in a club.

The two-trackers opens with "Dance and Trance", a dark and elegant electronic song underpinned by a strong hooky vocal by rock vocalist ESTINSON and a driving bassline. We don't think you have heard something like this recently and Bozart announces it clearly in the track: "This is my sound, this is my groove, it's underground.... It is what I feel, a new state of trance". Next up on the two-track EP is "I Can Hear You" a powerful club blast, something spicy and terribly efficient. No doubt, this is something made for dancefloor action, it's hypnotic, nasty and the main vocal makes it so mysterious... "I Can Hear You" is clearly a statement, this year Bozart will be the new face of electronic music. Who is Bozart? Nobody knows but one thing is certain, this EP is one to remember.

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