Album artwork for Dance II (Gramrcy & Loveless Mixes)

Dance II (Gramrcy & Loveless Mixes) Discovery Zone

Release date: July 31, 2020
Cat No: HC004
Barcode: 4250101420184
The solo project of Berlin-based, New York-born producer JJ Weihl, Discovery Zone’s debut album, ‘Remote Control’ was released earlier in 2020 via celebrated Berlin indie-label, Mansions & Millions. Lead single ‘Dance II’, recently celebrated by NPR as one of ‘The Best New Songs You've Missed During Quarantine’ reemerges on Hot Concept as a one-off release, blissfully extended, repurposed and dubbed out by Gramrcy and John Loveless. The unexpected and already fruitful partnership of UK producer and Peach Discs founder Gramrcy, alongside Hot Concept’s own John Loveless, Gramrcy & Loveless winningly expand on the dancefloor potential of Dance II’s ‘system-notification synth-funk’. Paying humble tribute to the craft of eighties remix luminaries such as Francois K and Shep Pettibone, the pair subtly envelop the wistful, DIY charm of the original track with sensitive disco catharsis. ‘Dance II’ by Discovery Zone is available as both A Gramrcy & Loveless mix and A Gramrcy & Loveless Dub Mix. ‘Remote Control’, the debut album by Discovery Zone, is out now on Mansions & Millions

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