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Darkness / Abstract Art Venetian Green

Release date: April 1, 2022
Cat No: 7BACH4
Barcode: 4250101433900
9,20 €
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»Darkness & Abstract Art« is the debut single by Berlin based producer and songwriter Venetian Green. And what a debut it is. Two pop-pearls from a parallel universe, in which grand pop gestures of past decades live in harmony with the more bleak and disturbing emotional rollercoasters of recent times. The songs embrace a deep sense of nostalgia, while remaining firmly and confidently rooted within a contemporary pop context.

»Darkness« may be the most uplifting pop song ever that deals with mental health issues and depression. A topic that many can surely associate with after a challenging period of lockdowns and lack of perspective. The opening moments seem like a flirty exchange between an early Vince Clarke and Jake Shears but with a more bouncy and ›present-day‹ sound aesthetic. The bridge, »Was I ever in control, did my feelings just go rogue. Is it you or is it me, you’ve stolen my identity«, brings some major glam moments front and center and finally culminates in a heartbreaking auto-tuned chorus, an ode to the »Darkness« in all of our hearts.

In »Abstract Art«, we are jumping effortlessly between different musical eras. From late Roxy Music elegance to the plasticy melancholy of early Robyn all the way to the slow-rolling pop anthems of Christine and the Queens. A classic pop song about intimacy, trust, boundary issues and physical connection. Easy to imagine the line »You watch me dance with someone else, cause only you have me in strings and belts« on a sweaty recently re-opened dancefloor celebrating the return to a ›new normal‹.

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