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Das Neue Elektronische Volkslied Tobias.

Cat No: DNZT016
Barcode: 5414166671465
27,90 €
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Embark on a sonic journey with Danza Tribale's latest release, "Das Neue Elektronische Volkslied," an album born out of a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge, non-retrospective techno tracks.

The creative process, initiated in 2022, took a unique twist as it drew inspiration from live performances - raw, improvised moments fueled by the electric energy of the club atmosphere.

Tobias., the mastermind behind this musical odyssey, meticulously reproduced and evolved these spontaneous creations in his studio, crafting a seamless fusion of diverse elements. Seeking guidance on the ideal label for this innovative project, the artist turned to the talented Adiel. What transpired was beyond expectation.

Enchanted by the tracks, Adiel proposed something extraordinary - the birth of "Das Neue Elektronische Volkslied" on her label, Danza Tribale. In her words, the energy and dedication poured into the feedback reflected the label's commitment to pushing boundaries. It was an offer, Tobias. couldn't refuse, convinced that Danza Tribale was the perfect home for his musical creation.

Even Tobias. himself found it challenging to put the essence of "Das Neue Elektronische Volkslied" into words. In his enigmatic statement, he remarked, "In general, music is very difficult to describe because everyone feels something different; music speaks for itself and is only understood by those who speak the same universal language." He emphasised the album's title as a poignant nod to the cyclic nature of current clubculture and a heartfelt homage to a true futurist.

Join us in embracing the avant-garde spirit of "Das Neue Elektronische Volkslied" as it marks a significant chapter in the evolution of techno music.

The album consisting of 8 tracks will be available soon on Danza Tribale, it promises to redefine your perception of sound and rhythm. Stay tuned for a release that transcends boundaries and propels us into the future of electronic music!

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