Album artwork for De Pelicula

De Pelicula Limiñanas/Garnier



Release date: September 17, 2021
Cat No: BEC5676892
Barcode: 4250101432699
27,90 €
  • 60c853c602206
  • release
The psychedelic garage duo The Liminanas and French techno pioneer DJ/producer Laurent Garnier have now produced together “De Pelicula”. The result is neither a Limiñanas techno record nor a Laurent Garnier rock album . It is a record that feels like a walk on the wild side, one straight out of a film noir that was spawned from the need to write music that tells a story and rattles all traditional patterns in a (super)sonic trance. A heated road-trip spent chasing Juliette and Saul, two teenage rascals straight out of a ‘60s classic - think “Breathless” (original title: A bout de Souffle) meets Sailor and Lula - balancing on the southern border with Spain, knocked out by the heat and cheap liquor.

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