Album artwork for Death By Semantics

Death By Semantics Jori Hulkkonen



Release date: June 22, 2015
Cat No: Areal 078
Barcode: 880319719714
Areal 078
In this information age where direct communication between people has been reduced to social media, semantics is more important than ever. Words and symbols and their meaning may appear straightforward, but beneath it all lies a complex system that can and ultimately will lead to misunderstanding. A single foolish word, bad phrasing, wrong emoji. It can all result in broken hearts, lost dreams or worse. The last couple of years Jori Hulkkonen has been focusing on his band Sin Cos Tan as well as his movie NUNTIUS which he did with Jimi Tenor. 2015 sees Jori back in his solo-guise, cruising somewhere between the deeper sides of techno and house. Harmonic aesthetics and 909 ethics

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