Death Proof

Release date: April 6, 2018
Cat No: NT004
Barcode: 880319903618
9,20 €
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Fourth release on Nitsa’s label is a very special one. DJ Fra and Shelby Grey, two of the residents of the legendary club in Barcelona, are joining for the first time ever in the studio. At first sight ’Death Proof’ looks like a simple DJ tool, but is way more than that: while keeping the same elements for a long time, and just using a beautiful pad and a tuba alike heavy bass, it manages to sound completely fresh and classic at the same time.

DJ Fra is 50% of Ferenc, who released on labels such as Kompakt or Pornflake. Shelby Grey has his own imprint, Holographic People, and he also released during the last years on several record labels (B-Pitch control, Factor City, Natura Sonoris, Record Union).

On the flip we have a remix from El_Txef_A, one of the most prominent electronic producers in Spain. With releases and remixes on Permanent Vacation, Hypercolour, Mule Electronic or his own personal adventure, Forbidden Colours, Aitor Etxebarria brings ‘Death Proof’ to schizoid areas, providing a remix where lo-fi techno, acid and a mystic spoken word recording converges without being too messy, but keeping a raw and crazy 90s rave feeling. Most surely one of the weirdest bangers of the season.