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Deep Field Rob Clouth

Release date: June 29, 2015
Cat No: LSR016
Barcode: 880319713118
8,48 €
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Barcelona-based Rob Clouth returns to Leisure System with the Deep Field 12”, a stomping showcase of his focused sound design and knack for memorable melodies with additional remixes from Kowton and Vessels. Deep Field is Clouth’s Leisure System follow-up to the Clockwork Atom EP, which was named one of the top EPs of 2014 by Bleep and introduced his electronic wizardry to a wider audience following prior releases as Vaetxh and under his own name. Debuted on Max Cooper’s Boiler Room and appearing again on his Essential Mix, “Deep Field” is tactile and threatening, with disorienting glitches weaved into the 4/4 structure. The belching low-end brings to mind a talkative machine that’s been muzzled, eager to burst from its restraints. Livity Sound boss Kowton inverts the original into a gelatinous mass, adding jackhammering drums to the cloudy atmosphere and creating a spacious and stuttering lesson in tension and release. Fresh off the release of their LP Dilate, Leeds band Vessels put their own euphoric electronic magic to work with a housier take, drawing out Clouth’s propulsive percussion with an added dose of lush melodicism that should make it a new favorite for house DJs looking for a spirited twist on the typical. Deep Field is the third in Leisure System’s new GRIDLOCK series, melding the freaky and functional for modern dance floors.

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