Album artwork for Deep House Vs. Acid Jazz - Volume One

Deep House Vs. Acid Jazz - Volume One Various

Cat No: INT-505
Barcode: 4250101424946
10,20 €
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  • release
Another timely reissue from Terrence Parker's Intangible Records & Soundworks imprint. This hidden gem from '93 gets the repress treatment featuring all sorts of deep house goodness trapped in the grooves. The easy standout however is Chris Shivers' "Care," a track that gets steady rotation here in Lab HQ (even before the reissue) and manages to lodge itself deep in your memory banks with one helluva earworm of a keyboard melody. Worth it for this track alone (especially since the original 12" its from goes for loot), but the rest of the record doesn't slouch. Lenny Gait's "Embrace" sets an incredible vibe with uplifting vocals and deep, deep bass to get the dancefloor feeling right, while S.G.H.A.'s "Grand Jazz" Remix lives up to its name with a heavy swing if that's your thing. Also includes Vincent Vango's super laid back "Mood" that is the perfect closer to an outstanding 12". Remastered sound, recommended.

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