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Deep In India Vol.10 Todh Teri

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Barcode: 4250101447013
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Todh Teri is back to make us groove with the tenth and final volume of the Deep In India series. A total double whammy of a record – this one happens to be a limited edition double vinyl that includes the best of the Todh Teri’s tracks from the previous volumes. As this alluring series comes to an end, get ready to shake a leg to some dark & dubby tunes one last time. It all begins with Sampadan 34, a tune that makes you want to close your eyes and get lost in a musical trance with its intricate elements of this melody. This is followed by Sampadan 35, an iconic tune that takes you down memory lane, bringing back sweet memories of the yesteryears. Using a historic sample from the 90s Indian cinescape, Todh Teri has added his touch to create Sampadan 36 - a track that you’re sure to get hooked onto. For the grand finale, wehave Sampadan 37, which brings in some old-school percussive beats into play that will make your soul come alive. For listeners who missed out, this final EP of the series also includes a second vinyl which has the best-selected tracks from Vol.1 - Vol.4. Deep In India has been Todh Teri’s heartfelt tribute to the golden age of Indian cinema that has given listeners a fresh perspective on its conventional music. Overall, this record has something for each listener with a magnificently illustrated album cover by Costanza Chandra in association with Masala Movement.

TODH TERI I would like to thank everyone involved in this project from the bottom of my heart for their constant support and encouragement. With this release we come to an end to this series

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